Fraud Alert

The New York Times reported earlier this week that 1.2 billion username and password combinations were stolen by a Russian crime ring. Also included were over 500 million email addresses. A total of 4.5 billion records were stolen from over 420,000 websites. Due to nondisclosure agreements, the names of those websites were not reported.

Many consumers re-use their username and passwords across several websites. Think about how many websites that require you to register with a username and password, even sites where no purchase was made and no personal information given. If the same username and password was used for all such sites, the hackers would only have to compromise one of those sites to have your information to try to gain access to accounts elsewhere on the internet. Do you use the same username and password for all of the websites you visit, including your online banking and email?

A generic password for sites that do not ask for personal information may be okay. However, we urge you to have a very strong and unique password for your email, online banking, and any credit card or biller's websites. It's also a good idea to change those passwords regularly.

To change your Lee County Bank & Trust, N.A. Online Banking password, click on Options, then Security Settings. On that page, click the button that says Change Password. Choose a strong password including a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. If you wish to change your username (also called your Login ID), that can be done on the Customer Info page in the section called Alternate Login.

IBM's Trusteer Rapport can also help keep your accounts safe. IBM Trusteer Rapport is a free malware detection software that Lee County Bank & Trust, N.A. provides for all of our Online Banking customers. A simple download and install will help protect your computer from malware. Trusteer Rapport is updated regularly to stay ahead of the latest threats. It actively scans your computer in the background to detect and remove malware without slowing your computer down.